Just like all parents, the families we are committed to have waited patiently, filled with utter excitement for the arrival of their new baby. But somewhere along the way, something happens. They are born prematurely perhaps, or they have a difficult birth, maybe they have an underlying condition that no one knew about prior to their arrival into the world. And at some point very early on in this parenting experience, someone has to sit these parents down and give them some news about their child that no parent ever wants or should have to hear.

They have Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, a known or unknown genetic or chromosomal disorder, or maybe they have no confirmed diagnosis, but the professionals know that something is not right. But no matter what they call it, or what it means, their world is forever changed.

THREE TO BE was started with the intention to find a way to help children with neurological disorders. To raise the necessary funds required to research treatments and therapies that would provide these children with options that could enhance their future. Along the way, the foundation also realized that there was a need to help the parents of these special children in any way they could, and this is how our PAL (Parent Advocacy Link) program began.

I hope through this blog, our Facebook group, and our online content at http://threetobe.org/pal that you will hopefully find something that can make your journey with your special needs child easier, and happier. I also hope that you will find the strength and the resources you need through information, friendship, and support, to advocate in the best way you can for your child.


All my best



Director, PAL ( Parent Advocacy Link)





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  1. What a wonderful organization and blog. I have several friends with special needs children, along with some precious ones I teach. I found your link via Chasing Rainbows, which has forever changed me. Following you now from http://www.dancinmoma.wordpress.com. As a dance teacher and mom of three, I try to inspire others about the “Dance” of Life, we are all in this together. 🙂

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